Sam’s Debut Album “Mime Music” is being released on 7th July 2017 at the Vortex Jazz Club in London by the SPARK Label. You can preview and pre-order the album here:

or alternatively purchase it using the link below:

“This music alternates wildly between moods, pastoral tangos and rags shot through with wild noise and colourful textures, and string melodies holding the whole thing together.”

Liam Noble, 2016


Mime Music” is the Sam’s debut CD release under his own name. Recorded at Red Gables studios and mixed by Alex Bonney, it features his own compositions with stylistic influences ranging from Duke Ellington to Astor Piazzolla, Tom Waits and Arvo Part. The album is heavily inspired by film scores and old silent movies – the music is cinematic and characterful, with many of the compositions inspired by particular films and scenes.