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Me and Mila 1


Duo with Mila Dores

Sam and vocalist Mila met while at Leeds College of Music in 2008 and have been working together ever since. In 2011 they recorded and released an album on the F-IRE Label with the group “Eh Joe”, a quartet also featuring Rus Pearson on Double Bass and Joost Hendrickx on Drums. The album, “Is Love the Word?” featured originals as well as Jazz, Traditional Portuguese music, Spirituals and musical adaptations of playwright Samuel Beckett. Since then they have been working on duo material, writing and performing together regularly, including recent performances in London and Lisbon. They have also recently recorded some new material also featuring cellist Lucia Capellaro on some original songs. Mila currently lives and performs regularly in Lisbon in Portugal, having studied at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa.

“Cantar Alentejano” (Z.Afonso) – Mila Dores (voice), Sam Watts (piano)


“Um Amor” – Mila Dores (voice), Sam Watts (piano), Lucia Capellaro (cello)




S&M 1Duo with Mike Fletcher
Saxophonist/flautist Mike and Sam met in Birmingham in 2010 and have been playing music together regularly over the last 3 years. They share many common musical interests and have played together in many different situations, including both of each other’s larger groups, as well as many other different styles of music. This variety of shared musical interest and experience is reflected in their duo performances, where they play their own compositions as well as old jazz standards, Brazilian choro and Cuban music.

I’ll Be Seeing You (Mike Fletcher and Sam Watts)






Sam also performs regularly with a variety of other groups and musicians including Ray Warleigh, The Dixie Strollers, Dave Smyth’s Timecraft, Zhenya Strigalev, the Tom Green Septet, Thomas Ford’s “Horse House” and many others. He also performs regularly at the Savoy Hotel with singer Holly Penfield.